How It Works

Ordering your unique and custom portrait illustration

It is easy!

Only 4 simple steps from order to delivery.

01 Place Your Order

Anime Sketch

1. Purchase your desired digital product first. Choose Digital File Only, Art Print, Framed Print from the option. Add name / date/ text, if you wish (optional).  


Please contact us for special request  if you want something extra to be done.

ex) add background, bouquet, extra people / pet, change the dress, specific composition etc.

*Additional fee will be charged.

02 Send Us Your Photo

Hands on Deck1.

Please send us your photo via email to with the original size of the image. Please leave your order number as well (you can see it in your order confirmation email).

2. We will draw the portrait from the photo, so we would recommend sending a photo with good resolution.

03 Create Your Art



1. We’ll start drawing based on your photo. We’ll first sketch the draft and send it to your email for your review until you are happy with it.

If you're happy, we’ll start finalising your artwork. It will take 7-14 days (depending on the product and sales periods) for an artwork to be completed and sent to your email. Please review before approving it for printing. At this stage, minor adjustments can be made.

*Please note that any changes are generally take 2-3 business days, so any adjustments will delay your order a couple of days.

2. If you wish digital image file only, we'll send you download link via email. You can download it and save it to your device. 

04 Printing & Shipping

1. MimiJ Design has printing partners worldwide (USA, Australia, Europe, Asia, Canada and New Zealand). Your artwork will be sent from the partner closest to you which means faster delivery times!

2. Once you love the art work and it has been approved, we will send it to our shipping partners immediately. Please note that you can't make any changes once you have approved your artwork. Shipping times vary depending on your location and your country’s postal services.


3. Generally, orders take 7-14 days to be created and shipped. This can increase a little during peak seasons (such as Christmas). Shipping times vary based on your local shipping company, but generally take 3-10 days. All orders go through an artwork quality check as well as a product quality check. This ensures you receive the highest quality print.


Illustrated Food Tucks

Hang your artwork on the wall & Enjoy!